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Mission pour consultant expert ISO 15189


The Trade Related Technical Assistance Project 2 (TRTA 2) is a development cooperation initiative by and between the Republic of the Philippines (RP) and the Commission of the European Communities (EC). Its implementation arrangements, including the role of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) as requesting authority and coordinating agency for the project, are prescribed under Financing Agreement DCI-ASIE/2007/018-950.

The overall objective “is to support sustainable poverty reduction in the Philippines through further integration into the international trade system”. The specific purpose “is to enhance the capacity of selected Government agencies and state actors” for deeper integration into the system. It has four components, as follows:

1. Capacity building for trade policy and export development – to support development and implementation of a coherent and effective international trade strategy; and implementation of international commitments including those to be made in the framework of the ongoing EU-ASEAN FTA negotiations;
2. Standards harmonization and SPS conformity – to facilitate adoption of, and compliance with, international standards and regulations for selected product and service exports;
3. Trade facilitation – to enhance competitive, transparent, and efficient movement of traded products within the international and regional trade facilitation systems;
4. Rapid response facility – to enable rapid, efficient and effective response to unforeseen problems and issues in trade related areas through provision of short-term technical assistance.

The project has an operational implementation period of four years – from 23 August 2008 to 22 August 2012 - and an estimated cost of EUR 7,475,000, of which EUR 6,500,000 and EUR 975,000 are to be contributed by EC and RP, respectively. It is to be implemented through “decentralized management” under which NEDA will be the contracting and paying authority for certain expenditures including for training, seminars, workshops and operating costs.

For technical assistance, EC remains as the contracting and paying authority and for which ECA has been contracted as Service Provider. The expected period of execution of the EC-ECA service contract is 46 months and shall not in any case go beyond 22 August 2012.

One of the planned activities under the TBT sub-component in the currently valid Logical Framework for TRTA 2 is Activity 2T.2.2 – TA to the PAO to build up its capacity and competence in the exercise of its mandated function;
Pursuant to this planned activity and in accordance with the approved Second Annual Work Plan (AWP2), Action 2T.2.2.1 – Training on accreditation – is to be implemented in 2010. It is comprised of three sub actions, as follows:
Sub-Action 2T. – Three 2-day ISO 15189 Awareness Seminar with 40 participants each for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao;
Sub-Action 2T. – Three 3-day ISO 15189 Internal Audit (Training) Course with 30 participants each for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; and
Sub-Action 2T. – Two 2-day Measurement of Uncertainty Workshop with 40 participants each; one in Metro-Manila and the other in Cebu City.
The STE on ISO 15189 (Awareness Raising and Internal Audit) and Measurement of Uncertainty is (TBT STE6) is to be engaged in three missions to provide technical support to PAO in the implementation of the above cited action and sub-actions. The need for these sub-actions was identified following an earlier training on ISO 15189 conducted in September 2009 under AWP1 for PAO assessors and for staff of medical laboratories in Metro-Manila.


In particular, TBT STE6 shall perform the following tasks:
1. Prepare the design and materials for each of the following learning activities for consideration and approval of PAO:
a. ISO 15189:2007 awareness raising seminar;
b. ISO 15189:2007 internal audit training;
c. Measurement of uncertainty workshop.
2. Act as resource person, trainer, and/or facilitator in the conduct of the learning activities in 1 above, based on the design and materials approved by PAO.
3. Conduct evaluation of participants via a questionnaire (quiz) at the end of each learning activity.

The expected outputs/results are as follows:
1. Seminar/training/workshop design and materials submitted and approved by PAO Director.
2. Participants in (a) aware of ISO 15189 accreditation requirements; in (b) with working knowledge and ability to conduct ISO 15189 internal audit; and in (c) with working knowledge and ability to perform measurement of uncertainty in laboratory testing.
3. Learning of participants from a, b, and c, evaluated, presented to, and discussed with PAO, with a view to identifying further capacity building interventions, if warranted and justified.

Budget estimated by the contractor:18000-25000 EUR
Date of beginning:01 05 2010
Duration estimated by the contractor: 35 working days
Geographical location of the assignment: Philippines
Case which corresponds most to the contractor's current situation: Nous avons un véritable besoin et cherchons un prestataire pour y répondre car nous avons décidé de faire réaliser notre projet

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